Farnborough Youth FC
Farnborough Youth FC
Formed 1991

Child Welfare

FYFC is a Charter Standard Club and supports the FA Respect initiative. If you are interested in watching your sons, daughters, nephews, grandchildren playing football please adhere to our Respect guidelines. These guidelines are handed to all boys and girls and their parents/carers upon signing for the club and can also be viewed on the Club Documents page. Please take time to read them. If you do not believe in these guidelines, are going to ignore them or think we are too precious about them, well, we thank your for your interest but we are probably not the right club for you.

DBS processing

All coaches at FYFC will need to complete a DBS (The DBS replaces the old CRB). FYFC process all of their DBS applications on line. Managers - please feel free to print off and hand a copy to any assistants you may wish to bring to your teams. It is mandatory for all coaches to have a DBS before they start coaching.

1) Please follow the procedures in the attached DBS Applicant Process.

2) When the application process is complete please contact the Welfare Officer (details on club website) who will verify the documents at the next scheduled managers' meeting - The applicant will need to bring the originals used in the on-line application.

4) FYFC will pay the DBS application costs.

 * DBS Applicant Process

 Social Networks

Now as we move in to what is for me the unfathomable world of TwitFace and Whatsagram here are some guidelines for the use of Social Networks. A quick word on match reporting. Please do not publish scores at development level as it rather undermines everything we are trying to implement and under no circumstances make any derogatory comments about the referees or the referee's assistants. The Assistants may well be opposition parents but they are match officials. The referees are usually young and learning their trade, just like our boys and girls are learning to play football......................

For those that think these things will not get picked up and  "no one will ever know" I recently received "news feeds" via Facebook that outlined the results and scorers of some recent development (and not  just FYFC) games. I did not know the original posters.

Do we really know who the friends of our friends of our friends really are?

Which leads nicely on to the following pieces on Social Networks:

* Guidance for u18s

* Guidance for Parents and Carers

* Guidance for FYFC

And finally a couple of pieces on questions I have been asked on more than one occasion over the years:

General Guidelines and Best Practices

* Photography Guidance

* Travel - Best Practices

 There is a lot more information on the FA website:



How do I renew my Safe Guarding Children certificate on-line?

    • Click Here
    • Log In using your FAN number & password
    • Click "My Football"
    • Click "Online Courses"
    • Then select your desired course.
    The on-line safeguarding children certificate renewal will be the first course.